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Travel to Finland and Helsinki and you are technically in Scandinavia. But not entirely typical Scandinavia as here we find an interesting blend of east, north and west.

Finland, land of a thousand lakes

We would recommend you book your flights to Helsinki and find out what we are talking about. Up in the high Arctic, Finland has borders with both Sweden, Norway and Russia. Russian influences on Helsinki are obvious and although the relationship between those two nations has had its ups and downs throughout the centuries, today bygones are bygones. Many Finns are generally more related to the Russians and the Baltic nations than they are to the Scandinavians. Their language tells it’s story, totally unlike any of the other Nordic languages. Although sharing Icelandic’s hard “r”-‘s and Icelanders sometime being taken for Finns abroad, the resemblance ends there, as Icelandic is closest to the original of all the Nordic languages, while Finnish is a totally different matter with its eastern origins.

It's unique culture is just one aspect of Finland's appeal. Often called The land of a thousand lakes, Finland is one of the most scenically beautiful coutries in the world. The Finns love to rent a cabin on the wooded banks of one of the thousand lakes and spend some days in total tranquility, sitting on the porch in the hot summer sun, taking walks in the forest to cool down and then catching some trout or perch for a barbeque dinner in the evenings.

Enjoy your time in Helsinki

Helsinki itself is architecturally a blend of Stockholm and old Russian cities. And it is brimming with life in a relaxed mode during the hot summer months. Outdoor cafés, restaurants of the highest order, shopping streets, and most of the scenic sites within walking distance in the city center. Need we say more? Isn’t it time you booked your flights to Helsinki?

Gut zu wissen

  • Icelandair operates flights to Helsinki during the summer.
  • Trains and buses are of a high standard in Finland. By trains you can quickly reach all parts of the country and buses depart frequently. A plane flight over Finland takes two hours. All transport companies offer special child and family discounts and a variety of ticket packages. The Finnish Railways timetable can be found on the Internet, Finnish Railways timetable.
  • A ferry trip to Tallinn in Estonia is only two and a half hours. You can thus make it two in one, Helsinki – Tallinn, as you can sail to Tallinn in the morning, spend the day there and sail back to Helsinki in the evening.
  • Helsinki is not the least famous for it’s varying architecture. Old building can be found in the Töölö and Punavuori areas. Katajanokka is mostly “Jugend”-style and Eira is mostly “Art Nouveau”.
  • For additional information about Helsinki and Finland, please visit: wcities.com, visitfinland.com.