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London immediately evokes historic images of royalty, palaces and monuments simultaneously with fashion, music and theatre.

To say it is world-renowned is an understatement. Icelandair offers daily cheap flights to London for year-round enjoyment. Whether for business or pleasure, London is a city to treasure.

More than queens and princes in London

A visit to London is like a tour through a history book. It’s hard to resist watching the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace or checking your watch with Big Ben, but there’s much more to London than castles.

Visitors may take the Underground or “Tube” all around the city or opt to travel above ground in a red double-decker bus or the familiar black cab. It’s a great walking city, with interesting sights, sounds and even smells around every corner, as the world’s cultures mix and mingle here with ease.

Culture and sub-culture in London

Trendy shops sit side-by-side with prestigious stores carrying Royal Warrants that have been awarded to firms supplying the Royal household with goods and services since Henry II's reign in 1155. Theatres present plays by Sophocles, Shakespeare, Dickens, Ibsen, Hart/Kaufman, Albee, Shaffer, Lloyd Webber – the list goes on and on. World-class museums feature not only art but also toys, transportation, medicine, fashion, Florence Nightingale and even Sherlock Holmes!

And then there’s the very special English pub culture. The simple food and amenable atmosphere are the trademarks of a typical neighborhood pub, even in the heart of the city. Enjoy a pint or two along with a rousing conversation about the latest soccer match. If you’re lucky enough to get tickets, London’s Premier League teams, such as Arsenal, Tottenham, West Ham, Fulham or Chelsea, will provide thrilling and truly British memories.

There simply is no end to the familiar – and the secret – places and things to see and do in London.

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  • Icelandair’s flights to London arrive at Heathrow or London Gatwick International Airport. The quickest route to the city center is via Heathrow Express, which runs every 15 minutes to Paddington.