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Stavanger is the fourth biggest city in Norway. It's often called "The Oil Capital of Norway" which is quite misleading because Stavanger is a lot more.

Stavanger - Beautiful and vibrant

Stavanger is a beautiful city that sits by the harbour and stretches into the land with narrow cobbled streets between white houses. The beauty of Stavanger and neighbourhood, the restaurants, museums and the Stavanger life make Stavanger a favorurite city for those who visit Norway.

Stavanger has a lot of museums where art and history have an important role. A great variety of restaurants is in Stavanger and of course fish has a high profile on the menu, for example salmon is the most popular main course at Sjøhuset Skagen. The nightlife in Stavanger is also exemplary. You can walk between bars, mingle with friendly Norwegians and dance off your shoes. The morning after Stavanger is silent, like nothing happened.